28 Day Summer Shape Up

WANT TO LOOK AMAZING ON THE BEACH THIS SUMMER? It’s possible and what’s even better, you can do it FROM HOME!

Do you think there isn’t enough time to make a REAL difference to how you look & feel during the SUMMER Season?

I know you probably don’t want to think about it.

BUT it is just around the corner and the GOOD NEWS is you can hit it with confidence without hours at a gym or starving yourself.

No fasting, shakes, pills or hours on a treadmill.

It is not a Miracle.

It’s the 28 Day Summer Shape Up.

I have designed a programme that gets you into shape quickly.

  • IMAGINE it for a second - YOU could get the Summer Look in less time & from home without becoming a diet & workout bore And not only do you get the look you want, you also

    • Save money on gym fees
    • Avoid long contracts when you just want to tone-up & lose a bit of weight
    • Not have to scrabble around finding childcare
    • Don’t have to face the gym
    • AND look Lean and Lovely this Summer season.

The 28 Day Summer Shape Up has been designed by a qualified and experienced personal trainer who gets results like these

A wee before and after i started with Rushe Fitness

I was at my least fittest when I started and was unable to do many of the exercises but with Emmet’s help, guidance and support I have managed to over come all of this! His plan is great and the diet plan is excellent, I would definitely recommend this to anyone and if I can do it anyone can!”

“Just finished online training with rushe fitness. Fantastic programme with the workouts and the nutritional guidance and the online support group. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get fitter and drop a dress size. It’s yours if you want it enough” –

Emma NiChorcorain

” Just completed the online programme. Easy to follow diet and exercise plan. Emmet was a great support & always readily available for advice and encouragement. Great results and i’m looking forward to the next one 🙂 “

– Louise Duddy

“I’m just after finishing the challenge and I’m so glad I signed up.  The plan is very easy 2 follow, the workouts are challenging but I’m now in a place where I look forward2 working out and enjoy it I’ve lost 9pounds so far and plan 2keep on goin in the next challenge.  It’s a real eye opener on food portions and how much u actually eat I’ve loads more energy and feel so much better in myself if ur thinking of joining I’d totally recommend this plan and couldn’t fault Emmet in any way he is always der to support u at any time needed.”

– Maria O Sullivan

Want to know the detail of how you can hit the beach with confidence this summer?

This is what you’ll get when you JOIN the 28 Day Summer Shape Up.

Full and complete training plan. That are designed to hit those wobbly bits and to fast track your fat loss efforts.


A detailed video library so you know exactly how to do each workout correctly for maximum effect. Don’t worry if you are a beginner or advanced, I show all the adaptations of the move, so that everyone can do it & get the results they are looking for.


Full and complete nutrition guide. No calorie counting, no points counting, no banned foods so that you can side-step boredom, binges & fit your weight-loss into your busy lifestyle.


Support Group for everyone on the 28 Day Summer Shape Up Private Facebook Group because a positive & supportive environment helps you to ramp up your results.


Recipes that are ideal for busy professionals & family life. Simple, easy to make & very delicious.

And here are some of the extra bonuses because it’s my mission to help you get results. I am also giving you my extremely popular guides

Lean and Lovely Abs guide to tone those tummies.

The Fast and Furious Interval Training Guide to Supercharge your fat loss.

Want to JOIN the 28 Day Summer Shape Up?

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