It’s possible.

Do you think there isn’t enough time to make a REAL difference to how you look & feel during the Party Season?

I know you probably don’t want to think about Christmas.

BUT it is just around the corner and the GOOD NEWS is you can hit it with confidence without hours at a gym or starving yourself.

No fasting, shakes, pills or hours on a treadmill.

It is not a Christmas Miracle. It is my Little Black Dress Challenge.

I have designed a programme that gets you into shape quickly.

IMAGINE it for a second –

YOU could get the Little Black Dress Look in less time & from home without becoming a diet & workout bore

And not only do you get the look you want, you also

  • Save money on gym fees
  • Avoid long contracts when you just want to tone-up & lose a bit of weight
  • Not have to scrabble around finding childcare
  • Don’t have to face the gym
  • AND look sleek in your LBD this Christmas.

The Little Black Dress Challenge has been designed by a qualified and experienced personal trainer who gets results like these

What our Happy Customers Say

Emer O Donnell

Just finished up my second round of #FitIn42 (12 Weeks) and I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes while still devouring a takeaway every weekend. This is the first time I’ve consistently followed a combined nutrition and fitness programme and the results speak for themselves and most importantly taught me that the scales really don’t matter, as long as you feel healthy and feel confident in your clothes. Emmets classes are welcoming and far from intimidating and I was educated on how to do exercises including lifting weights effectively and safely. For anyone who’s reached the stage that there finally ready to make a commitment to there physical health and well-being, Rushe Fitness is you’re first stop!

Emer O Donnell

“I started this LBD challenge knowing that making changes to my diet and exercise regime would not be easy. However, being happier and healthier in my own skin was priority. There was no point in me post poning it. If I started then straight away I wouldn’t look back in a few months time with regrets of not starting sooner. I dont have the stress anymore of limiting myself to reach unrealistic goals in a short space of time if I had an event coming up. I’d be ready all the time. I can afford to feel guilt free for these events because my whole lifestyle is changed. What I do now lasts longer than any quick fix and it has become a habit for me. The diet is easy peasy to follow. People say eating healthy is expensive. It’s not. I’m a student working part time and I can afford to eat healthy. In fact I’m saving more money than I ever have. I do most of my shopping in Aldi, and buy my meat in bulk in Joe’s Butchers. I make my meals 4 days in advance because with work and college I don’t have time to be in the kitchen cooking a few times a day. Sharing recipes and ideas in the group page has given me lots of support and even more so encouragement. A lot of these people have now become my friends which makes everything easier. We all face challenges and we can all overcome them. Emmet is always there to answer specific questions whether it’s in person or even dropping a message. He is very interactive with the group. I’m now mentally and physically stronger than I’ve ever been and I wish the same success for those looking to start this challenge also.”


“I’ve just completed the Drop a Dress Size challenge online with Emmet and It was absolutely brilliant even the workouts. I have almost a stone off in just 6 weeks. Emmet was always there with support, guidance and encouragement the whole way through the programme. His motivation on my off days was amazing and really got me back on track.

The nutrition guide is fantastic and I never felt as if I was missing out on food. This programme really teaches you about portion control which is a huge factor for me.

I would highly recommend the online challenge. It’s ideal for busy mums as the workouts can be easily done at home when the kids go to bed. No need for a babysitter which is right up my street. Loved the challenge Emmet and thanks a million for everything. It was Top Class. Looking forward to January”


A wee before and after i started with Rushe Fitness

I was at my least fittest when I started and was unable to do many of the exercises but with Emmet’s help, guidance and support I have managed to over come all of this! His plan is great and the diet plan is excellent, I would definitely recommend this to anyone and if I can do it anyone can!”


“Just finished online training with rushe fitness. Fantastic programme with the workouts and the nutritional guidance and the online support group. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get fitter and drop a dress size. It’s yours if you want it enough”


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