At Rushe Fitness, we have one simple aim:

To help you get fitter, stronger and to help your clothes fit better.

  • If you want to be supported in your goals, that’s what we do!

  • If you need help with your nutrition, to finally break old habits, that’s what we do!

  • The old model of Bootcamp, where the instructor shouts at you and belittles you when you cannot do an exercise, is NOT training.

  • Giving someone a diet of plain chicken and rice with water, is NOT nutrition!

  • At Rushe Fitness, we look after our members and see them as family.

  • Our coaches are highly qualified and sensitive to your needs.

  • We want you to get in the best shape of your life, while still having a life in the process.

  • We believe that everyone should be able to attain these goals and our training and nutrition guidelines are based around this.

  • If you would like to join a like minded community, where you will be supported with your goals and make some lifelong friends along the way, the LEAN IN 2018 program is for you.

  • Can’t do an exercise?

  • We’ll show you a simple regression that will allow you to train at your level.

  • Worried about your fitness level?

  • In Rushe Fitness, we tailor our exercises so that anyone of any fitness level will get a great workout.

  • No one will feel that they are being left behind.

  • Our small class size allows us to keep an eye on everyone and to give each client the individual attention needed.

  • We have a dedicated Beginners Class for those who are new to exercise or have been out of action for a while.

  • You will train your full body 2-3 days per week using the latest training methods and each session is unique.

  • Think that your work hours won’t suit?

  • With our NEW FREEDOM PLAN, you will never have to miss a class again, and with 31 class times to choose from, you are guaranteed to ALWAYS get a time that suits.


I need a new wardrobe!
No more xxl or xl and very few L’s, and out with the 38″/36 and 34″!! More to the point it time to lose the safety net!! I’m never going back there!! All these old clothes are for a charity shop.
This is a real world one change.
I joined Rushe fitness not necessarily to lose weight but more as a lifestyle change, wanting to be more active, eat better and generally feel better. People are always telling me that it’s not sustainable and why am I “punishing” myself by not eating crap! I’m fortunate that I enjoy eating healthy foods and very rarely go near the bad stuff anymore, not just because I’m part of this group but like I mentioned, it’s a lifestyle change, not a quick fix!
Myself and my wife work conflicting schedules and being a part of Rushe fitness has not only been a great way to get fit and healthy but has also turned out to be a great way to make time to do something together.
But even coming home after class and having that small window of opportunity to sit down and have breakfast together has been great.
I picked up the courage to get back into exercising in 2016 and signed up to a 6 week challenge with Emmet in Rushe Fitness. I’m currently doing the Little Black Dress challenge. The results from this program are amazing, and I think the reason it works so well for me is because it’s straightforward, easy to follow and varied, and caters for all fitness levels.
The food plans provided are ideal for a busy working mum and are suitable for the whole family. Great ideas for tasty filling meals and snacks. The support and advice you get from Emmet is invaluable, both in class or online. If your goal in 2018 is to get healthy, tone up and lose some weight! Just take the plunge, I lost 18lbs in my first 3 months by following Emmet nutrition plan. I couldn’t recommend it enough.
I’ve never been sporty or anything like it, tried my hand at running but don’t think its for me, I’m so glad I joined Rushe Fitness, loving the classes – although admit there’s been times I’ve muttered to myself during a tough session ‘there has to be an easier way’ then got in the car and said to myself ‘jez I loved that session’
I’m just over 2 stone lighter & 16 odd inches smaller overall – I’m healthier, fitter and I’ve one whole hour that’s just for me between busy work & home life.
Can’t recommend Rushe Fitness enough!! training here for the past year and have loved the classes, training and friendships. My fitness levels were so low when I started, but don’t let that stop you as every fitness level is catered for. Emmet has created not only a fantastic gym but the best sense of community, once you start these classes you will be booking your spot every six wks, guaranteed
Would recommend Rushe Fitness without reservation! I’ve always been afraid of exercise and could never in a million years have imagined myself lifting weights, doing burpees and enjoying myself in the process. Emmet takes no nonsense but his patience and expertise has seen me through each challenge. The nutrition plans are great and Emmet very encouraging with loads of practical tips. Roll on January

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