Rushe Fitness 1-1 Coaching

If group training isn’t for you at Rushe Fitness, we offer fully individualised 1-1 Coaching.

This is our high-end coaching service for people who want their own personalised programme for training and nutrition.

From the initial consultation to the bespoke personal training and nutrition plan, you will get a service that will help you reach your goals in record time.

Our Coaching is second to none.

At Rushe Fitness we see everyone as an individual and our 1-1 Coaching reflects this.

The training plan is YOUR training plan and is written for YOU and will be suitable to YOUR goals and starting point.

We understand that nutrition is the most difficult part for most people.

Our Nutrition Plan is not only written for you, it is also reviewed and agreed upon with you.
The Nutrition Plan, like the training plan is written to reflect YOUR nutritional start point.

At Rushe Fitness we are fully committed to your goals and helping you to succeed.

1-1 Coaching Is Done Through Monthly Packages (€30 per session, minimum of 2 per week)

Application only – Use the contact box to apply