Emmet has quickly become one of the most respected and sought after Personal Trainers in Donegal.  He has been a fully qualified Personal Trainer for 6 years.

He is recognised as a friendly, motivational and encouraging Trainer.  Clients feel comfortable working with him.

Emmet has been exercising in gyms for more than 20 years and has always had an interest in training; not just the how, but the why.  He trained as a Kickboxer, achieving his Black Belt in the TYGA federation.

He believes in balance and moderation as the key to a healthy lifestyle.

As a father of three, life is very busy and Emmet knows the difficulties of trying to stay in shape in a very demanding routine.  His clients quickly learn that their health and well-being is worth making time for, and often testify that family life is positively affected because of their training.

Emmet is one of Donegal’s 1st Precision Nutrition coaches.

He is one of the world’s 1st Bioforce certified conditioning coaches.

He is one of the1st Graduates of the prestigious SBS Academy.

Emmet writes health and fitness articles for Donegal Daily, and Donegal Woman.

His articles have featured in Derry Daily and have also been published in the Irish Independent. He has contributed recipes and fitness advice through various companies, such as the prestigious Donegal Rapeseed Oil and Dan Mitchell Fitness.   He frequently gives health and nutrition talks to companies and organizations.  Some of these include VHI, Relay For Life, United Healthcare.

Emmet has also featured as a Fitness Expert on Highland Radio.

In 2015, Emmet was the Strength Coach to the Under14 Donegal Ladies’ Team, helping to bring them to an Ulster title and to an All-Ireland runners-up title.

Emmet believes in community spirit and group motivation.  He frequently supports local events and has organised group activities for his members, such as Mountain Climbs and Mud-runs.

He believes in continuous professional development and knows that a good Personal Trainer is never done learning.  He travels to conferences and seminars in order to add to his professional knowledge.

Over the past 6 years, he has learned from the best in the business, including:

Joe Dowdell

Mike Roussell

Phil Learney

Scott Baptie

Ben Coomber

Mike Robertson

Joel Jameson

Christian Thibaudeau

Krista-Scott Dickinson

John Berardi

Eric Helms

Mike Zourdos

2017 is set to bring lots of exciting projects and developments for Rushe Fitness.

 Emmet is a great believer in the power of Positivity.  By surrounding yourself with positive people, removing negative influences and stepping outside of your comfort zone, you really can achieve anything.