With the FIT IN 42 classes, we have one simple aim:

To help you get fitter, stronger and to help your clothes fit better.

If you are looking for a Bootcamp, where the instructor shouts at you, belittles you when you can’t do an exercise and gives you a diet of plain chicken and rice with water for the rest of your life, you’re looking in the wrong place.

At Rushe Fitness, we look after our members and see them as family.

The FIT IN 42 classes are challenging, but always enjoyable

Can’t do an exercise?

We’ll show you a simple regression that will allow you to train at your level.

Worried about your fitness level?

In FIT IN 42, we tailor our exercises so that anyone of any fitness level will get a great workout. No one will feel that they are being left behind.

Our small class size allows us to keep an eye on everyone and to give each client the individual attention needed.

You will train your full body 3 days per week using the latest training methods and each session is unique.

We have a range of different time slots that you can choose from and allow a bit of flexibility so you don’t miss out if something crops up unexpectedly.

Our FREE nutrition guide which accompanies the classes, is the most comprehensive around.
There are over 126 meals and recipes in it and a complete breakdown of how to use it and how to individualise it to suit you.

Classes are only €90 for 6 week of training.
Classes are €60 for the 6 weeks of training for the twice per week options

For bookings contact 086 086 7953

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