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My Philosophy

Emmet Rushe is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who has helped people to transform their lives through exercise and lifestyle changes.  Emmet is the founder of Rushe Fitness.  As a Personal Trainer and coach he inspires people to step outside their comfort zone, giving health and nutrition talks and writing fitness blogs.  Emmet’s Fit In 42 program in which clients train with him in his state of the art facility, achieves incredible results in an un-intimidating environment.

Emmet’s philosophy to health and fitness is simple.

Wholesome Active Moderation

Wholesome – Whole, nutritious and unprocessed foods the majority of the time.

Active – Regular exercise and active lifestyle choices

Moderation – Everything else in moderation!

Eating well the majority of the time allows some leeway for other foods when the occasion arises. Emmet doesn’t advocate “diets” or fads.  He wants to promote the proper usage of the word Diet.  His clients learn that their “diet” is how they eat every day, not a restriction on what they eat.


Just finished my 2nd 6 week block with Emmet, can’t recommend his classes enough to people!! I have learnt so much within the last 12 weeks and my attitude to health and fitness has completely changed thanks to Emmet!! Looking forward to the next 6 week block ”

Una Mc Devitt
Una Mc Devitt

“Classes at Rushe Fitness are tailored to every level from beginner to advanced. A good mix of cardio, strength and conditioning, but plenty of craic and banter. I love the varied challenges set by Emmet from climbing Errigal to running 5k to participating in Hell and Back – great team spirit at these events.”

Grainne McDermott
Grainne McDermott

“Just finishing my 6wk block with Emmet and to say that I’m impressed is an understatement. Emmet has refined my technique, helped me shape up and gain strength and fitness in all areas. What’s more he is constantly pushing you to achieve more each and every session. His knowledge and guidance in exercise and nutrition is top notch and the banter (which is as important) is great. Would highly recommend him to everyone of all fitness levels!”

Julie McGoohan
Julie McGoohan

“I joined the transformation challenge, after having a baby by c- section , I had hit a wall and I just couldn’t seem to budge the extra baby weight , I just finished the first 6 weeks and have joined up again for the next 6. I’m absolutely delighted with the results, I’ve lost weight and inches, my fitness has improved and I feel a lot healthier and most importantly I fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again . Emmet had altered some of the exercises to suit me after having the c- section so I didn’t strain that area, ( there no getting out of not doing it ) there is a lovely atmosphere in the class with a great bunch of people . Emmet is a very professional and informative trainer, and fantastic for keeping you motivated.”

Angela Mc Fadden
Angela Mc Fadden

“Emmet is a fantastic PT. Last year I won a tailored made program from Emmet to help me achieve my goals i.e. muscle gain and strength. Throughout the entire program I had 100% support and guidance from Emmet. The knowledge and passion he has for his job is amazing and the dedication and encouragement towards his clients is flawless. When you think you can’t do another rep or dead lift his continues encouragement pushes you to do it which I felt got me one step closer to achieving my goal. I can honestly say that I achieved my goals and more by the end of the 12 week program gaining over 4kgs of lean muscle, dropped my body fat from 22% to 16 % and finished squatting 8 reps of 80kgs. I look forward to working with Emmet in the New Year after I have my baby and achieve my goals once again. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Ally Nolan McElchar
Ally Nolan McElchar

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